Nov 12

Letter to the PM: Let’s think of an alternative to oil drilling Letters to the Editor

November 12, 2020 at 3:29 am Eyewitness News

Dear Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis,

I am a seventeen-year-old Bahamas Environmental Steward Scholar. I’ve always felt lucky to be born in such a country where I am surrounded by such beautiful, crystal clear water that has ecosystems with a huge biodiversity of marine species. This offers us coastline protection, nutritious food, and
has played a part in our progressing economy.

The Government recently released a document regarding the awareness of the effects of
Climate change to our country. In a section, it was mentioned that “it is imperative for the country to
implement climate change mitigation policies that will reduce climate change impacts and mitigate GHG

I am glad the Government realized the effects that climate change has on our developing country. Howevever, I find it controversial because we are trying to solve a global problem, yet we’re creating another issue by drilling for oil.

Such effects that may turn our beautiful waters murky and toxic, will also increase noise
pollution resulting in hearing impairment and behavioral changes in marine mammals. Additionally, this
will lead to coral bleaching resulting in dying reefs creating several problems.

Our coral reefs house many marine species but as their homes erode, they will evacuate. As a result, there will be a decline in the biodiversity of marine life, thus impacting our fishing industry. Also, wave surges will increase drastically and terrestrial animals such as birds, if caught in oil, will suffer the inability to fly and possibly death if the oil is ingested.

As our nation’s motto states, “Forward, Upward, Onward, together”, I believe that unity
towards a sustainable Bahama land where we use our renewable resources such as sun and wind, will
be one of the best alternatives to oil drilling and will also assist in reducing our carbon footprint.

Our waters will continue to bestow happiness, prosperity, and tranquility to many people annually, so let us
halt and think about the alternatives to this plan.


Dominique Bowleg

BREEF Intern

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