Dec 04

Don’t ruin this beauty

December 4, EDITOR, The Tribune.

#The American astronaut, Scott Kelly, fell in love with the Bahamas from space.

#Drinking in the extraordinary blues that make up the Bahamian sea – from the cobalt ocean to the dazzling turquoise of the shallows – Kelly reached out to his more than 421,000 followers.

#The Bahamas, he tweeted, is “the most beautiful place from space”.

#It is this beauty that draws millions of visitors to the Bahamas every year (barring 2020) and drives our main economic engine. It is the sea that provides our main source of food.

#The sea and beaches are our most valuable resources.

The risks associated with oil drilling just aren’t worth it.

It’s been ten years since the Deepwater Horizon explosion and scientists still don’t know the full impact of the BP EXPLORATORY disaster in the Gulf.

How can anyone forget the images of the oil belching into the ocean and the oil and tar balls that polluted an estimated 1,100 miles of shoreline? Clods of crude are still buried in the beaches and may be for decades.

The mess stretched from the shores of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

How can we forget the images of all the dead fish and birds and their habitat…the blow to the fishing and tourist industries?


December 2, 2020

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