Feb 17

BPC will not leave the Bahamas.

THe Bahamas Petroleum Company has released their corporate and strategic update to the London Stock Exchange.

In the update they state they are reviewing the results of the Perseverance #1 drilling activities. Earlier this month they stated that their license requires them to share those results with the Government of the Bahamas.

Our Island, Our Future encourages the Bahamian Government to make the presentation accessible to environmental management groups as soon as possible or to ensure that independent observers with experience in the Bahamas are present to provide a balanced view on potential impacts.

The BPC report and strategy indicate that they will use the data they got from drilling Perseverance #1 to better analyze the 2d and 3d data they have from the rest of their licenses.

these play elements points to significant hydrocarbon potential remaining in a number of independent, untested play systems and structures seismically identified from 2D and 3D within BPC’s extensive acreage extending over its four (4) southern exploration licences covering approximately 12,000km2 (4,700 square miles – 3 million acres).

BPC RNS Number 2243P – 16 February 2021

The Perseverance #1 well was the furthest of the licenses from inhabited Bahamian islands and our significant protected areas. However, their goals to monetize the rest of their licenses means the next well will be closer to our homes, our fishing areas our shipping lanes and our hotels. In fact, the Area of Impact illustrated in BPC’s own Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) includes the entire Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands; the Florida Cays and East Coast; The entire north coast of Cuba and even parts of the US Gulf Coast.

Bahamas Petroleum Company Donaldson well Area of Impact
BPC’s predicted area of impact from a major oil spill includes the entire Bahamas and several neighboring countries.

It is not too late for our government to make the Bahamas an oil free nation. It is not too late for them to put our fisheries resources, our wildlife, the health of our people, Our Islands and Our Future, before corporate interests.

The Nature Conservancy recently released detailed maps of Bahamian seafloor habitat. These maps show seagrass and sand habitats that our conch and crawfish rely on in green and yellow respectively.

Bahamian marine habitats that will be impacted by a BPC oil spill

Oil spills on the surface can black out the sun for months on end and prevent oxygen exchange killing wildlife for thousands of miles. The red shape is the area BPC predicts can be impacted by an oil spill from their license area.

BPC Area of Impact from an oil spill

Are you ready for that possibility?

You can support us by signing our petition to stop oil exploration in the Bahamas, to protect our wetlands, our oceans, our fisheries, our families Our Islands, Our future.